Automation of transport weighing and liquid dosing processes.

We design and manufacture industrial equipment in accordance with the technical requirements of your technological processes.

Peristaltic Pumps

• Peristaltic Pumps
• Dispensing Peristaltic Pumps
• Multi-Channel Dispenser Systems
• Peristaltic Heads
• Automatic Filling Lines
• Laboratory Facilities

Liquid Weighing Systems

• Automatic Liquid Weighing Systems
• Filling Systems
• Flow Meter Systems
• Multi-Channel Dispenser Systems
• Industrial Automation Engineering
• Piston Dosing Dispensers
• Automatic Filling Lines
• Labellers

Heavily Loaded Scales

• Truck Scales
• Railroad Track Scales
• Industrial Platform Scales
• Pit Scales
• Automatic Cargo Accounting
• Livestock Scales
• Hopper/Tank Scales
• Monorail Scales
• Servicing, Support, Repair and Calibration services for Scales and Systems

Load Cells

• Vishay PG (VPG)
• Tedea-huntleigh
• Revere transducers
• Sensortronics
• Celtron
• Utilcell
• Keli
• Pavone sistemi
• Aep
• Bpe
• Zemic

Weight Indicators

• Vishay PG (VPG)
• Revere
• Utilcell
• Keli
• Pavone sistemi
• Middle

Remote Work Systems

• Remote Data Transfer
• Management of Equipment Operation Parameters
• Remote Video System
• Mobile App
• Data Storage
• Data Backup
• Service interval monitoring

Automatic filling and capping lines

The automatic line is used for dosed filling:
• disinfectants
• alcohol-containing liquids
• acidic liquids and alkalis
• pharmacological preparations
• corrosive liquid (which should not come into contact with metals)
• bleaches
• cosmetics.

Vizor - hardware and software system for automation of truck scales.

The main goal of the system is to eliminate the influence of the human factor on the results of the readings of the scales, prevent theft of property and provide the ability to remotely control the situation on the scales.

Automatic recognition of the arrival of the truck and its license plate number. Identification of vehicles using RFID technology.

Automatic weighing of the truck, while maintaining the weight and time of weighing in the database.

Traffic control through weights through barriers, gates and traffic lights. Photo and video fixing of automobile transport.