Barrels and containers filling system Barrels and containers filling system

Barrels and containers filling system

Equipment for filling into cubes of 1000 liters. Filling 200 liter barrels with liquid and thick products.
The installation makes dosed filling of products of liquid and thick consistency into barrels or cubes, filling control is carried out according to the data of the weighing platform in real time. The delivery set includes: a vertical rack, a weighing platform, an intelligent control system DOZA+ with a touch-sensitive LCD display, pipeline fittings for supplying a product with cut-off valves. The gander of the weighing batcher has a wide range of adjustments both in height and in reach. This allows the dispenser to be installed on existing weighing platforms and weighing systems. Weight calibration range for bottling: 200 to 1500 kg.

The weighing filling installation is made using electronic weighing and digital display of the set and current weighing parameters. Suitable for filling medium and large containers with various types of viscous, non-viscous, aggressive and non-aggressive liquids.

Additional options for the filling dispenser:
- In addition, a pneumatic drive can be installed for lowering the filling tube to the bottom of the container being poured (barrels, eurocube) to reduce foaming and splashing during filling and increase the filling speed (a DN50 branch pipe on the pneumatic drive - for lowering into the container being filled).
- Screw pump (used for filling for thick products).
- Weighing platform - roller conveyors and roller conveyors - slopes for feeding and removing containers from filling without lifting it.
- System of slowing down the speed of product feeding at the end of filling, to increase the accuracy of dosing. The dispenser has two filling speeds. Initially, filling occurs at the maximum speed, when approaching the required dose, the filling speed decreases, which allows filling any product with high accuracy. Two stainless full-bore shut-off valves DN50 and DN25 - when the product to be filled approaches the specified weight, the DN50 valve closes and opens DN25, which allows filling with great accuracy. In this case, the pump flow is automatically reduced by means of a frequency converter.
- Tray for collecting drips - eliminates dripping from the nozzle and allows you to leave the surface of barrels and eurocubes clean.
- For filling into barrels, the gander is made in a rotary version, which allows filling four barrels at once on one pallet.

Stage 1. Installation of eurocube (cube container, pallet with barrels) on a weighing platform.
Stage 2. Starting batching by pressing the "start" pedal initializes the operation of the algorithm for filling containers with a given weight (filling parameters are set on the touch screen of the DOZA + control system and are saved in the system's non-volatile memory).
Stage 3. Filled containers collection from the filling installation.

Productivity of filling 1000 l euro cube (depends on the pump and product viscosity) - 12 euro cubes per hour.
Dose volume: 200 - 1500 kg.
Dose error less than 0.5%.
Weighing platform: flat / roller conveyor (roller / drive).
Replaceable filler pipes for different necks: on request.
Supply voltage: 380 V.
Power consumption: up to 6.5 kW.
Dimensions: 1900 x 2000 x 300 mm.

Price: 8325 $