Filling system DV Floor 1 channel

Filling system DV Floor 1 channel

DV-1 F equipment for filling liquid and thick products by weight. Filling water in 19 liter bottles.
The DV-1 F unit is designed for filling products in the range from 3 kg to 80 kg (depending on the version) with automatic stopping of the product supply upon reaching the specified weight. DV-1 is made in floor-standing version, the frame is made of stainless steel, the unit has one weighing platform. The control is carried out by the DOZA + controller using the LCD touch screen. The weighing platform is adjustable in height to accommodate containers of different sizes. The platform design is made according to the type and size of the customer's container.

The pump is supplied complete with the unit and controlled from the control panel controller.
This modification of the dispenser is designed to control an external shut-off device (product supply valve). The unit can be delivered with its own valve for supplying and cutting off the product when filling containers.

The unit can be used to dispense non-foaming detergents, kvass wort, yeast, fertilizer concentrates, whitewash, wood impregnation, explosive products.

The control cabinet provides control of the dosing process using the following functions:
- setting the required weight in grams from 3 000 to 80 000,
- exclusion of the tare weight from the measured weight of the product (allows for accurate dosing of the product without overspending and underfilling),
- calibration of the batching plant,
- the test mode allows you to test the operation of each actuator separately,
- valve control for automatic stopping of the product supply when the set weight of the product on the platform is reached,
- shutdown of the pump after the end of the dosing process.
For products with high viscosity, the unit is equipped with a full-bore pneumatic valve and a screw pump. The delivery set may also include a cover stop.

Governing bodies:
The touch screen allows you to start and save the dosing parameters, tare weights, and calibrate the platform.
The foot pedal allows the start of the dosing process.
The emergency shutdown button on the control panel stops all dosing processes in the installation.

Productivity, doses/hour:
- 10 liters - up to 100 bottles per hour.
- 20 liters - up to 60 bottles per hour.
Dose volume: 3 - 80 liters.
Dose error: less 50 gramm.
Supply voltage: 220 or 380 Volt.
Power consumption: up to 2.5 kW.
Dimensions: 600 x 710 x 1500 mm.

Price: 2420 $