Filling system DV Floor 2 channel

Filling system DV Floor 2 channel

DV-2 device for filling chemicals, detergents, antifreeze with dosing by weight. The DV-2 device is intended for dosed filling of technical liquids and pastes into containers from 3 to 30 kg, the container filling is controlled according to the weight specified on the device dashboard. The filling device is made in the form of a free-standing floor module with 2 weighing platforms made of stainless steel with connected pipes of the filling system and an automatic control cabinet for a touch-type liquid crystal display. Large weighing platforms allow installing large-capacity plastic buckets and cans for dosed filling with putty, acrylic paint, paints for outdoor and indoor use, enamel, plaster, chemicals, detergents, antifreeze, etc. The DV-2 filling device is intended for top filling of non-foaming detergents, fertilizer concentrates, whitewashing, wood impregnation, etc.

The control cabinet provides control of the dosing process using the following functions:
- setting the required weight in grams (from 3 000 to 30 000),
- zeroing the tare weight in the settings menu,
- calibration of weighing platforms,
- adjustment mode (element-wise activation of actuators),
- control of shut-off valves, automatic closing after reaching the set weight,
- shutdown of the pump after the end of the dosing process.
When dosing thick pasty products, the device is equipped with fully bore pneumatic valves and a screw pump. The DV-2 device may include a container sealer.

The order of work on the dispenser
1. A container for filling the product is installed on each weighing platform (the control system of the filling device allows you to set its own dosing weight for each platform).
2. The operator starts the batching process using a button, touch panel or foot control (depending on the equipment of the device).
3. After the completion of the dispensing operation, the container is transferred to the capping (depending on the configuration, the capping module may be part of the filling device).

The dosed product is fed into the container to be filled through flexible hoses by means of a self-priming pump of the DV-2 dosing device simultaneously onto two weighing platforms.
The dosing amount in grams is set using the touch screen of the control cabinet.
The number of attendants is 1 person.
The performance of the device depends on the power of the feed pump.

Device performance on two channels:
- container volume 20 l - up to 150 units per hour,
- container volume 10 l - up to 200 units per hour.
Dose volume: 3 000 - 30 000 grams.
Dosing error no more than 0.5% for a container of 10 liters.
Device supply voltage: 220V or 380V.
Maximum power consumption: 2.5 kW.
Overall dimensions: 710x600x1500 mm.

Depending on the customer's requirements, the unit is produced in various modifications.

Price: 3625 $