Filling system DV roller conveyor 2 channel Filling system DV roller conveyor 2 channel

Filling system DV roller conveyor 2 channel

Weighing batcher with roller conveyor. Liquid filling. Filling into canisters. The weighing batcher with a roller conveyor is used for batching filling large containers with thick and liquid products up to 40 liters in volume with weight control of filling. The roller conveyor allows feeding large canisters for loading without lifting them, rolling them along the roller conveyor.

The weighing batcher consists of a roller table with built-in weighing sensors and a touch control panel.
The dispenser has the function of reducing the speed at the final stage of filling the container, which ensures increased filling accuracy.
The batcher is controlled by:
- pedals (start batching),
- on / off buttons (start / stop dosing),
- touch control panel with the DOZA+ software package (setting and saving the parameters of the installation, batching volumes, starting / stopping batching).

Additional options:
- pneumatic lowering of the branch pipes (reduces the formation of foam during filling),
- number of dosing channels from 1 to 2,
- capping of lids,
- screw pump (used for packing pasty products),
- container rinser with disinfectant solution and disinfected water,
- explosion-proof design,
- with a drop cutter (drip tip),
- with exit roller conveyor,
- with a marker (printing of date, production time, batch number, etc.),
- with a conveyor (for integration into existing technological lines).

Price: 5640 $