Filling system DV Tabletop 2 channel Filling system DV Tabletop 2 channel

Filling system DV Tabletop 2 channel

Weighing batcher for filling canisters 5L - 20L.
The filling machine by weight is designed for filling canisters from 5L to 20L with liquid and thick products.
The dispenser is made in the form of a stainless steel table with two weighing platforms and two filling pipes. For dosing thick products, the unit is equipped with a screw pump. If the product foams a lot, then a pneumatic drive for lowering the filling nozzles is installed on the dispenser. The filling of the product starts from the bottom, which excludes foaming.
A controller with a touch control panel allows you to quickly change the set dose and easily adjust the dispenser. To increase the dosing accuracy, the unit automatically reduces the product feed rate at the end of the dosing process.
When working on the unit, the operator places an empty container under the filler pipes and presses the start button. The process of lowering the nozzles and dosing is automatic.
The semi-automatic weighing machine is reliable in operation and easy to maintain.

Technical Specifications of Canister Filling Weigher.
Productivity on 2 channels, doses / hour:
5L - 250 bottles/hour,
10l - 200 bottles/hour.
Dose volume: 5 - 20 l.
Dose error: less than 100 - 150 g.
Supply voltage: 220 or 380 V.
Power consumption: up to 1.5 kW.
Dimensions: 600 x 710 x 1500 mm.

Price: 4835 $