Filling system DV Universal 2 channel Filling system DV Universal 2 channel

Filling system DV Universal 2 channel

Weighing batcher for putty, paint and oil. Filling in buckets and cans from 5 kg to 30 kg.

Dispenser for dosing thick and liquid products into buckets and cans. Packaged dose from 5 kg to 30 kg.

The installation provides:
- dispensing in semi-automatic mode (empty containers are fed and removed from the dispenser platform manually by the operator).
- supply of the product from the supply tank for dosing using a screw pump.
- capacity of filling containers up to 150 pieces per hour 20 kg canisters. The filling performance depends on the viscosity of the product and the parameters of the feed pump.
- filling error +/- 50 g for any container volume.

Dosing unit composition:
- stainless steel rack, including:
- control cabinet made of stainless steel with a degree of dust and moisture protection IP65,
- two weighing platforms with tare stops,
- container filling unit.
- the dosing unit is made on the basis of a pneumatic system under the control of an intelligent DOZA + system,
- two filler pipes have the ability to adjust the outreach,
- pneumatic seated shut-off valves with a seal,
- control system with original DOZA + software with a touch screen for monitoring, setting, remembering and storing dosing parameters,
- network indicator, buttons for starting / stopping the dosing process (located on the front wall of the control cabinet),
- switch to the control of an external frequency converter and a frequency converter of pump control,
- Reinforced delivery and suction hoses and all-welded tee for product supply.

The design and elements of the dispenser rack are made of stainless steel 304, the frame is made of a 40x40 mm section.
Dispenser dimensions: 656 x 640 x 1780 mm.

Control cabinet functionality.
- setting the required weight in grams. (from 5000 to 30 000),
- zeroing the tare weight and / or setting the tare weight in the settings menu,
- function of calibration of weighing platforms,
- adjustment mode (element-by-element activation of actuators),
- control of shut-off valves - automatic closing after reaching the set weight,
- pump slowdown at a given residual weight (to increase the accuracy of product dosing),
- switching off the pump when dispensing is stopped.

Price: 4030 $