Peristaltic pump UNAP Base 12 l/min

Peristaltic pump UNAP Base 12

The peristaltic pump works on the principle of forced displacement. The rollers fixed on the motor axis rotate in the cassette of the peristaltic head and squeeze the tube, forcing the fluid to be pumped through the tube. With this method of pumping liquid, you do not need to worry about the liquid being pumped in contact with any moving parts of the pump. Peristaltic pump dispenser, equipped with a controller that controls the speed of rotation of the engine, the controller allows you to control the direction of pumping liquid (forward / backward). To increase productivity, it is possible to install up to 2 peristaltic heads per dispenser.

Head body material: aluminum alloy or PPS (polyphenylene sulfide).
Roller material: stainless steel.
Number of rollers: 3 pcs. or 6 pcs. (option).
Productivity for each channel from 1.3 to 12 000 ml/min.
Dose volume: 0.01-9990 ml.
Speed: 1 - 600 rpm.
Reverse suction angle: 0-360 degrees (graduation 18 degrees).
Supply voltage: AC 220V +/-10% 50/60Hz (standard), AC 110V +/-10% 50/60Hz (optional).
Power consumption: < 50W.
Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.
Relative humidity: < 80%.
Protection degree: IP 31.
Dimensions: (L W H): 202 x 160 x 239 (mm) (with 1 head).

Tube size - Flow rate at a speed of 0.1-600 rpm.
73# - 1.3~7400 ml/min.
82# - 2.0~12000 ml/min.

Dispenser with 1 head - 1490 $,
Dispenser with 2 heads - 1950 $.