Portable Truck Scales 6m

Portable Truck Scales 6m

Portable Truck Scales are designed and manufactured for installation on a prepared site (aircraft or road slabs on a sand and gravel bed). This design of the scales is installed without additional construction of the foundation for the scales, and in case of transfer to another place, the entire cycle, including the installation of the scales, takes about 4 hours. The people often use the term "portable auto scales".

Truck Scales are designed for weighing trucks and cars, taking into account operation in street conditions, including at subzero air temperatures and exposure to atmospheric precipitation. The places where the load cells of the weighing system are installed are protected from dust and dirt, the load cells themselves have a degree of protection of at least IP67. The load-bearing metal structure of the weighing platform is designed and manufactured taking into account the increased loads according to the orthotropic bridge scheme.

The offered scales are not wheel-type scales, they are scales "inside" of which there is a bent U-shaped profile that increases the safety margin of the equipment and creates a number of main stiffeners. Automobile scales consist of pairs of semi-platforms, the width of each is 1100 - 1250 mm, and between each other they have a technological clearance of 500 - 800 mm (as a rule, in wheel weights it is 1000-1200 mm). The gap in the scales, if necessary, can be closed with technological covers with reliable locks and a convenient removal principle, which provides quick access to the sub-platform space for high-quality maintenance of the weighing platform.

Maximum load: 40 tons.
Overall dimensions of the load receptor no more than 6 X 3 m.
Actual scale division, verification scale (e): 10 kg.
Number of checking graduations: 3000.
Variability of indications of unloaded scales, e: +/-0.5 .
Limits of error of scales by weighing ranges (in operation), e:
- from Min to 500 e: +/-1.
- over 500 e up to 2000 e: +/-2.
- over 2000 e to Max: +/-3.
Overload capacity, permissible overload in% of the nominal: 50%.
Balance settling time: 3 - 5 seconds.
Transit speed, without weighing up to 3 km / h.
The direction of movement when weighing is two-way.
Working temperature range:
- for the platform of car scales, load cells, adder: -30 ... +40 degrees Celsius.
- for weight indicator: 0 ... +40 degrees Celsius.
- strain gauges IP 67,
- weight indicator IP 56/54.
Data interface: RS 232.
The average service life of the scales is at least 12 - 15 years.
Scale supply voltage 230 V.
Power supply frequency 50 Hz.
Battery power supply voltage: 6 V.
Battery life: 32 hours.
Power consumption no more than 10 VA.

Price: 6780 $