Fundamental Truck Scales 15m

Fundamental Truck Scales 15m

Fundamental truck scales. Fundamental scales for weighing cars and trucks for operation in outdoor (all-weather) conditions, year-round and round-the-clock, are protected from dust and dirt for key components of the weighing system. The weighing platform is designed and manufactured taking into account the increased loads; it can have side protection that prevents vehicles from going off (dumping) from the weighing platform. The scales are designed and manufactured for year-round all-weather operation; they can be operated both under a protective canopy from atmospheric precipitation, and without it.

Technical characteristics of truck scales.
Maximum load: 60 / 80 tons.
Overall dimensions of the load receptor no more than 15 X 3 m.
Actual scale division, verification scale (e): 20/50 kg.
Number of checking graduations: 3000.
Variability of indications of unloaded scales, e: +/-0.5 .
Limits of error of scales by weighing ranges (in operation), e:
- from Min to 500 e: +/-1.
- over 500 e up to 2000 e: +/-2.
- over 2000 e to Max: +/-3.
Overload capacity, permissible overload in% of the nominal: 50%.
Balance settling time: 3 - 5 seconds.
Transit speed, without weighing up to 3 km / h.
The direction of movement when weighing is two-way.
Working temperature range:
- for the platform of car scales, load cells, adder: -30 ... +40 degrees Celsius.
- for weight indicator: 0 ... +40 degrees Celsius.
The degree of protection of the shell of the scales in accordance with GOST 14254, not worse:
- strain gauges IP 67,
- weight indicator IP 56/54.
Data interface: RS 232.
The average service life of the scales is at least 12 - 15 years.
Scale supply voltage 230 V.
Power supply frequency 50 Hz.
Battery power supply voltage: 6 V.
Battery life: 32 hours.
Power consumption no more than 10 VA.
Independence of indications from the position of the load on the weighing platform of the scales, no more +/- 1.
Load error information: over Max + 9 e.
Functions: automatic zero balancing, built-in memory, RS-232 data interface.
Reliability: probability of failures within 2000 hours - 0.07 .
The basis for the installation of auto scales: reinforced concrete foundation (base) according to; attached documentation.
Method of driving on auto scales: concrete ramps as part of the foundation.

Load receptor: Orthotropic type of platform design, optimally suited for large cargo flows (the design includes possible platform overloads and the effect of dynamic loads). The design of semi-platforms is made of U-shaped beams located transversely and performing the role of non-displacement of the weighing platforms. The design of the platform and strain gauge mounting locations ensures that the sensors are protected from dirt, dust, snow and flooding. On the cross beams, two semi-platforms 1250 mm wide are installed, together with a technological gap in the middle of 500 mm, they form a platform 3000 mm wide. Semi-platform - consists of a U-shaped profile that creates 6 main stiffening ribs.

Strain gauge equipment (basic set)
Strain gauge sensors of type QS or ZSF are used. The sensors are switched via a totalizer with a non-detachable connection. Power system protection - IP67. This eliminates moisture factors and the formation of condensation, which increases the reliability of the system.
Accuracy class: C3.
Indicator LED digital display.
RS-232 data transmission interface. Possibility of connecting an additional display.
Tare weight storage function.
Power source: battery or 220V adapter.

Price: 13450 $